Friday, January 11, 2013


TALES FROM THE DORK SIDE is taking a new turn, folks. All blogs to date have been put together into a book with that fabulous picture of me as a kindergartner.  Dude, what was my mother THINKING with that haircut and the Laverne and Shirley glasses anyway?  Thank God I went to school in Philly where I was just about the only white kid in the class.  Black kids wouldn't never pick on me because I guess they understood pitiful and oppressed.

Anyway since I've been writing for years I decided it was time to put it all out there, maybe make some ching and sort of f--- the traditional publishing industry by selling my own stuff as e-books.  So TALES along with my other two literary masterpieces (DON'T FENCE ME IN and PRIOR BAD ACTS) is now available through my website,

PRIOR BAD ACTS is a work of legal fiction based on a sexual harassment case against an Atlantic City Casino.  The protagonist, Maria Testa, is basically me of course (you write what you know) and the moral dilemma she faces is one many female litigators will recognize.  DON'T FENCE ME IN: The Adventures of a Soccer Mom Turned Cowgirl is just that.  Every five years or so I totally reinvent myself and DON'T FENCE ME IN chronicles one of my biggest and bestest personal remodels.

But the truth is I'm still that little kid with the lazy eye and the bad haircut, the Village Idiot,  happy to be alive, climbing trees, riding my bike, and loving life.  There will be more new TALES on this blog, so stayed tuned.  Meanwhile, go buy some books (20% of my profits will be donated to women's organizations helping   our sisters in the Third World) and pass the good word on my behalf.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Believe me, there's more hilarious stuff to come because life on this planet, if nothing else, is pretty damn funny.  Much love to you, Phyllis

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Recovering Lawyer said...

Can't wait to read your books, Phyllis! You sure know how to tell a story.